Thursday, August 22, 2013

Black Guard

For every step Siquenteis took down the dark hallway a globe of light would illuminate only to extinguish as he passed. He walked toward the Hall of Armament, his Jetbike awaited him. As he entered the hanger his psi-attuned Jetbike started it's power up sequence, the display lit up and the rider saddle slid back waiting for him. He looked to the left and right, everyone was here and prepared. He donned his helm and called for the Black Guard to mount up, The Craftworld was going to war and their duty was to protect the Seer. The Black Guard had preformed this role since the begin days of the Craftworld and would continue to do so until the final battle.

Last night I worked on the Guardian Jetbikes that will ride with the Seer, as I was working on them I started thinking of calling them something to add a little flare to them. Nothing major just figured it would make them seem a little cooler then just Guardians on Bikes. But either way got them a good way along..

I was really hoping to get these guys completely done. But I ended up helping my wife with a few things and then my son had a bad night. So I was up with him to 3:30 in the morning argh.. I quickly sprayed the blades and will touch them up but right now I'll start working on the details to knock them out.

I also want to Magnetize these guys but I'm not sure if thats going to happen. They are so heavy with the metal bodies that it could be an issue, I just hate gluing the base in. but I can always trim it and add them in later. Still not sure.

Overall I'm pretty happy with their look so far, just need to get them done. I really wanted to have everything done except for the Dire Avengers by tonight but I still have to finish these guys and the Seer. I'm not that far behind but I see some long nights happening next week haha...


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