Monday, August 12, 2013

Raise the Platform!

This weekend I got more done on the display board. It was a pretty hectic weekend, the kids were sick and have now passed that along to me. So I'm home today trying to take it easy but the kiddos are still sick and we have to take them to the Doctors. But I did get a good bit done on in between everything else that was going on.
Here I'm gluing the pieces back together after making the separations.

Here it is after it's completely glued together. I made the slots to fit in the light cable.

And these are the supports for the platform.

And here is what the platform will mostly look like. The Warp Vane will come up through the hole in the center. I didn't have the energy to finish sanding that haha..

I started working on test colors for the platform. I think it's going to be a little lighter, It's a little too beige right now. I'm testing on the small platforms and then I"ll move over to the large section. I also test fit the light cable to see how it will look. As I figured it wasn't very bright, when the lights are off it really stands out but with normal lighting not so much. Oh well, looks cool and I have some other lights to work in there as well. All the clump foliage will be on the black base covering the whole thing, I'll also be running some over growth onto the platform to make it look like the Webway Gate has been there for a long time. So far pretty happy with it. I realized I added more troops to the list, I hope everything fits haha

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