Thursday, August 1, 2013

Like Wheat Before the Harvest

I started working on the Reaper Exarch the other night. I personally like the 3rd Ed Version the best, sadly he only carries the ShurCann which is pretty much worthless for them haha.. I took an Autarch's ML and started working on converting it over.

I prefer metal Minis in general but they can be a pain in the butt to convert. I had to break out the Dremel to chop it smooth.

Once cut I pinned the ML and drilled a hole in the new "base" of the weapon. With plastics you can get away with just glue most of the time but for metal I'd highly recommend using a pin.
I used the spray booth's wall to hold him in place 8)

And here he is all glued up, there is still a section that is open and it's not just going to butt up clean so some green stuff is needed.

Last night I did the initial green stuff layer and think it came out decent. It will need to be sanded and trimmed here and there but after that I'll prime him to see what it looks like. Sometimes it's hard to really see it until it's primed. If it looks off I'll go back in with a very thin bit of GS. So far looking ok.. I got this guy off ebay and he's missing the tip of his finger haha.. I guess he'll need some GS there as well, otherwise he'll be NUBBY the most feared Dark Reaper Exarch on the Craftworld. Maybe it will be cool, could say it was bitten off by an Ork or something haha

Another positive note my Battlefoam order came in on Tuesday.

The trays are very cool and fit everything as expected. I just wish they were a little faster about it haha.. and a bit cheaper,.. paying a ton for shipping and getting it a month later is a hard pill to swallow.

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