Thursday, August 8, 2013

Vengeance is fun

Or is it? When you are building and painting a ton of them it's not so much haha..  Thankfully I had built most of them awhile back but it's a lot of painting. Thankfully I'm getting them close to being done. I have most of basic colors on and some blending done.
The 5 man Squad will have one black shoulder pad to separate them. I got the golds and gunmetal applied plus did some blending one the bone colors, also faded the black shoulder pad.
The second 10 man Squad rocks one purple shoulder pad. I got the same colors added and blended so now it's really blending the blue that will take up a good bit of time. Well, that and adding in all the gems I'll be painting a butt ton of them haha.. it's going to be a lot.

Not a huge update today it's just painting some one 15 Dire Avengers, it was Very exciting I assure you. But the good thing is it's making me feel a little better about getting done before Nova! I should be able to get everything done I want to so that is exciting haha..  well until something else pops up and slows me down!

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