Monday, August 26, 2013


This weekend it was crazy hectic.. got a lot done on the display board working on it till midnight two of the three weekend nights. During the day it was working on the Kids playground and going to the park and at night I was in the painting room working at a frantic speed. I can't wait for all this to be done, honestly I'm getting burnt out a bit haha.. and after this is all done I have to actually play..
I started putting on all the foliage, holy crap this took me a long time, If I was just throwing it on I guess it wouldn't have been that bad but mixing up the colors and trying to get it broken up right takes time. I was using hot glue to attach it to the displeasure of my fingers. The foliage isn't solid so numerous times hot glue would bleed through, OUCH .. grrrrr...

Here I'm still trying to figure out the best layout for the greenery.. I was also spraying them a bit with some black to blend it or show the shadows.

Here it's pretty close to being fully flocked.. at least on the base. I'll still need to go back and add vines and moss working their way up some sections of the deck and vanes.

On the underside of the deck I had to glue on mount points. I used a bunch of command hooks and chopped a dowel to make some buffers and tension points. Sadly two of them were too close to the supports haha.. I had to pull them off and re-position them. I started running some of the lighting and ran out of the newer type I bought. I only ordered one as I didn't know how it was going to work. I need another so place the order and it should be here by Wednesday. Thinking about it now I should have next day'd it though. If it would show up and not work or something I don't think i'd had the time to get another in time. Here's to hoping it works haha.
I have to wait to run the EL Lighting for last as it will run on both the upper and lower deck.
So combine that with the underglow and that's what it will look like haha.. With the mount points the extra wire will be tucked so you won't see it at all.

Finally before I went to bed I glued on the rear sub vanes and the circle (step) bits on. I will have to go back and hide the support for the circles which I should have painted black first but was so tired and rushing I forgot. I'll just have to mask it right quick as overspray would SUCK right now 8)
The display board came out very close to what I wanted and I'm pretty happy about that. I knew what I wanted it to look like and other then a few modifications or removing the lower steps it's exactly what I drew. That is always cool..

Tonight I want to finish up the Farseer and some stuff on the Dispalyboard. After that all I'll have left to do is finish 15 Dire Avengers, they are all at least 50% done already so it shouldn't be too bad. Shouldn't be .. 8)

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