Friday, August 9, 2013

Thunder and Rain

Last night I most the Reaper Ex and other Reaper I needed mostly done. The very fine details need to be done on him. Mainly finishing the gems and other bits here and there.
There EML conversion does annoy me some, at a distance it looks fine but looking close you can see the rough GS transition. Since I'm running out of time I haven't added the second layer of GS and had to just go as is. Down the road I'll smooth it out, leaving it like that will annoy me more and more as time goes by haha.. I can already feel it building ..

And the standard Reaper.

He'll still need a little more on him, I didn't get the final grey highlights on his armor. I can rock my Reapers out pretty quickly, the red and black paint job is very quick and not a lot of blending.
How they looked when they came in from Ebay. 8) ..

I also worked on the Jetbikes symbol a little bit, I wanted to see how the purple would look. It looks decent so I might proceed along this path..

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