Monday, August 5, 2013

I hope I've seen the last of that miserable usurper.

Seer Fideleon they approach.
Was the warning sent?
Twice and ignored twice.
We had to try, the threads showed it was but a small chance. Now we have no choice.
The Reapers and Rangers have taken to the ridge line to give the Serpents covering fire.
Good, notify the rest of the Dire Avengers, they will make a push to hold the rune stone.
What of the Spiders and Dragons?
They know their roles, tell them to strike when they see an opportunity. Let all know, the rune stone is not to be taken or destroyed. 

This Saturday past Sean (from l33tlikeus) and I threw down in a Nova lead up battle. We rolled for the mission and it ended up being Relic (again argh! haha). Well the way it's going I'll have a ton of practice at it.. Sadly I forgot to take pictures until the very end. So there are only a few. We are still working on our lists and best to know your lists well before playing in a Tourney.

It started out looking bad for me .. he won the roll to pick sides and then won the roll to go first. Boo.. haha

Battle of the Gun lines

Seer Powers - Guide, Fortune, Death Mission
Warlord - Fates Messenger
Turn 1 - Night Fighting in effect
He of course had the lens that ignore NF but thankfully I took it on my Reapers. I was worried about how turn one was going to go, I didn't move so no jink saves (I really think that should change to being counts as moved on the first turn for all armies, going second can really hurt). I deployed back as far as I could go, there wasn't much in my deployment to hide in/behind so my boys were a bit clumped up. Thankfully he didn't send much at my normal peeps. He went for my Serpents mainly that first turn, wisely. But thankfully he only glanced one. After that I felt much better.

Seer cast Guide (reapers) and Fortune (spiders).
Moved up with my Serpents. The Reapers poured shots into his Command Suit squad. He had all his marker lights on drones in that squad, I took out all but two drones. That works. I also opened up on his Broadside Squad to take out some of his drones as well. I took out all the drones and 1 Broadside.

Turn 2 
Two of his Four Kroot Squads come in .. one 20 man and one 15 man. The 20 comes in on my side right beside my Seer. The other on his side. He moved up a bit with his Suits and Riptides. His Kroot pour fire into the Seer and his Bike Squad, he killed all the bikers but only put one wound on the Seer thanks to Fates Messenger. He shot the Spiders and caused them to break..  my spiders did very little this game haha.. other then run. The Serpents Shrugged off some fire.

Seer Casts Guide (Reapers) and Fortune (Reapers)
The War Walkers come in and on his end. I could and should have went after his Skyray but I said screw it haha.. went for his Commander. A 10 man DA squad jumps out to handle the Kroot. WS's move up to the right to handle the Riptides, the Dragons hop out. The Spiders regroup and move back up.
The Reapers pour Str 8 guided missiles into his Skyray and wreck it. The dragons blast the Riptide putting three wounds on it. But I forget to use Battle Focus. damn! I forgot a couple of times and I really need to remember this, I clumped up the Dragons to shoot thinking well when I use battle focus I'll move and separate. I forgot so they are right in the line of fire. The Dire Avengers and it's WS destroy the Kroot. WS and Spiders take out one more Broadside. The War Walkers take out a Suit and a drone and put 1 w onto the Leader? Didn't get him but was a fun try. The Spiders charge the lone broadside and one gets punched in the face, they run. Dag..

Turn 3 
The other two squads of Kroot come in and he doesn't pretty much the same for deployment. He adjusts some of his dude men.
He fires on the War Walkers with his Command Squad, two Kroot Squads and his last Skyray. They killed off two and took the last one down to one wound. But they survived and took a ton of fire off other units. He blasted the spiders off the table as well as Fire Dragons (damn forgetting BF). He took out six of the ten DA with his Kroot, my Seer had boosted away from the edge into cover. The DA broke, Jeezzzzz ..

Seer Casts Guide and Fortune on Reapers
The War Walker moves up to Assault the Kroot, the broken DA regroup, the WS adjusted and dropped off the 5 man DA squad by the Riptide. I know this is a big gamble but I want to see if they could to it.
The WWs kill some Kroot and the regrouped DA fire on the Kroot as well as a lot other units. I wanted to make sure nothing was left on my side, they were troops. I also took out the last Broadside with fire from the WSs. The 5 man DA open up on the Riptide, 7 hits, 3 x 6's. He failed two and died. BOoyAH.

Turn 4
He shot at some stuff but again the WS's shrugged off the fire, the Dragon WS taking one glance. He assualts the same WS with his Riptide but nothing.

Seer Casts Guide on Reapers and tries to cast Fortune but gets a 2 x 6. I had a feeling before I rolled and did anyway haha,.. down to 1w.
The 10 man DA WS moves up 6" and drops off his passengers. The 5 man DA move up to one Obj, the 4 man DA move up to another. I was thinking it was turn 5 for some reason haha.. Two of the rangers move up for at least snap shots. I had the center Relic.
My DA fire on his last tide and get 5 x 6s, he only had 2w left and dies. At this point Sean calls it up.. He wouldn't be able to get me off the Relic and I still had a ton of shooting left to go that round.

Win for the Eldar.

I was pretty happy with the outcome. I really need to remember to use Battle Focus, it's way too strong to forget and I was moving with plans to use BF to realign. So besides all the other benefit of BF remember you can line up for better range or LOS while shooting remembering that you are going to get that run move to spread out should you need to. I clumped the Dragons thinking I was going to hopefully at least get a decent run roll to get into cover but if nothing else at least spread out so a template wouldn't end them like it did haha.. Don't forget that !

The most impressive unit would be close between Reapers and Dire Avengers. I'm not even going to take the Serpents into the consideration as they are going to do well.

Reapers took out the ML Drones, a Skyray, Kroot and put wounds on either the Rip or the Broad..
Dire Avengers killed a ton of Kroot and finished off both Riptides and were holding what they needed to for the win. I usually play more reserved with my DA as they are my troops and need to survive but with bladestorm don't be too defensive with them. 10mans with 20 shots are going to get some sixes in there, the odds are with you.

Since my time is running out I had to cut 2 Seers on Bike to 1 Seer. I won't have the time to convert another and finish up four more bikes. It's just getting too close! I added in Dragons and Rangers, Dragons give me the high AV killers I was lacking and put in the Rangers for another troop (which I already have done and love the look of) that has a chance to make some game changing moments. Or they can do nothing, kind of how they are.

Was a good fun game.

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