Monday, August 19, 2013

It's like lasing a stick of dynamite

The War Walkers are complete. Some of the pictures have shifted focus, I forgot to change the setting on my camera haha.. oh wel.. it's all for dynamic effect!

The bases are also looking a bit more yellow then they are. I may end up taking some more pics of these guys as I'm noticing they are looking off in the pics. Oh well you get the idea of whats going on haha. I'm glad they are finished up as it's now less then two weeks to go.

After I sprayed the gems with matte clear I really wasn't liking how flat they really were. So brushed on a layer of satin clear to give it some sheen to stand out and look like a gem.

Overall I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out, normally I would have done more on it and to be honest some of that is bothering me. haha.. They are more then cool enough but I really don't like painting to a deadline, makes me cut corners or just skip things which I think it needs. The tip of the Scatter needs color to me and I keep going back to that .. OCD is a pain .. 8) ..

I also decieded what I'm going to do for the Jetbikers.. I'm going to use an arm with a melee blade in it, they have one attack in CC so they have to attack with something. I figure it will look decent and shouldn't be an issue..

I used two pre made sword arms and then made two with daggers.. I made one of the daggers facing down and out like they zip by and slash someone down. Another is up like it's going to be jabbed straight out. I don't have the time to make something true amazing and these will do. Down the road I might just pull them off if I'm not really liking them. They just need to be done for next week haha..

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