Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Warning: Lasers Melt Faces

While home sick yesterday I got some work done on the War Walkers. I was hoping to get them all completely done but sadly I had to keep taking breaks to lay down haha.. I at least got some stuff done.

I Parafilmed the Walkers up so I could spray their bases. Now that I have the display board some what worked out I can move on with the bases and how they will look. The only part that may suck is my older bases might not match very well. Sadly not much I'm going to be able to do about it with the time I have left. Whatever, I'll make it work the best I can.. 8)
I sprayed the bases to match the look I want to go for on the display board. When I was done with the airbrush I moved over to the table to start working on the rest.

It's mainly down to the details on them. I'm working on the pilot who's armor will also have the purple edge blends I did on the Seer. The helmet color is still undetermined at the moment. I have a few ideas but don't feel completely sold. Then it's gems and other small detailing. Normally I would do way more detailing but they really shouldn't need it. They are looking good enough.

Thankfully these guys are almost done so I'm still pretty much on track even with getting sick. Hopefully I can keep on keeping on and getting it done.

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