Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Invisible Jetbike

Got a bit more work done on the Seer, right now he's looking pretty dark as I haven't really done any of the highlighting on him yet. It's mainly the base colors and the start of shadowing. But overall I'm liking his look, I went with a blue grey for his sleeves and chest. I'll probably blend in a little more blue to brighten it up a bit.
But there will be plenty of blue when he's on the jetbike haha.. I added the gold base as well as started some shadowing on the cloak on the back. It's still a ways off but at least started some blending.
I'm pretty happy with how the Green Stuff blend of the two pieces came out. It's pretty tough to pick out any difference between GS and Plastic.
I did blend some of the leather colors as well. Again no highlighting just worked on the shadows and main or darker colors. Now it's just down to getting it finished, always makes me feel better when I have all the base colors on as I know if I can get a long stretch of painting in I can finish him up. If I don't get distracted 8)
I also worked on the Reaper Ex's EML. I wanted to really blend this in smooth but as I'm running out of time I just used some liquid GS and sanded it down to looking good enough. Once painted it should be ok and when I get more time I can re sculpt the gun section. I primed him last night as well so now he's really to be painted up.

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