Friday, August 23, 2013

How'd I beat you? By being fast like a freak..

The Black Guard are done, last night I went until they were done. It wasn't too late of a night and really wanted to take these guys farther but for now they look good enough..

I really liked the way the blade position came out but the paint on it is very quick.. as are the rest. Over all on the table it should look pretty decent, you really only notice the quick rough blend when looking close up like in the pictures.

For the eyes I went with white and then added some blue..

I think the gems really stand out against the darker area of the blend on the bikes .. I was really happy with the look of that a least haha

I'm glad these guys are complete, now it's just the Seer and Dire Avengers. I did get the Seer bike complete last night as well. Figured since I was working on the bikes I'd finish his up too.

Now it's down to him, and the bases for them but I have them all spackled up. I need to sand them down and add some other bits of rubble then start to spray them.
I wanted to have them ready for this weekend as they are going to be the same color as the display deck and would be spraying them all together. It's going to be a lot of spraying brown, bone and white this weekend.

I feel that I'm pretty solid for time frame and should be good as long as I don't run into any major snags. This weekend (nights at least) I've set aside to get the display board done. Or at least close to it, I don't know if I'll be able to do it all depending on how long some of the stuff will take to dry. It's going to be a lot of flocking and gluing. Plus spraying it all and then laying all the lights. I ordered another different strand of LEDs which should be here today and I have a couple ideas I might try to slip in if possible. But it may require more time then I have.

Here's what the painting table looks like now..
I think that's pretty good..  the Reapers in the back are just waiting for base love but that's what I have left .. here is a pic from last month and this doesn't even have the Reapers or Jetbikes on it ..
Evan from FTGT mentioned think about all you have gotten done and from looking at these two pictures I can really see it.. So I am pretty happy with it, some of the mini's aren't to the level I'd like but they are all at least good Table Quality and I can live with that!

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