Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Last night was a short hobby night, I needed a break from gem night haha.. so I did the minor bits needed to finish the turrets of the serpents and then hit them with clear.

So they are done and ready to blast some peeps .. decently happy with them but now they make me want to update the serpents! haha.. I painted them all before the air brush and it makes me want to re blend some of the areas on the serpents. No matter how much I want to I'm going to have to put that on hold.

They are plenty good for the upcoming battle and I have a bunch left to do.
I did prime all the flying bases which I'll be adding spackle to then blending them out like the war walker bases. Tonight I'm going to get the spackle on there ..

I also took more pictures of the War Walkers so the bases weren't all yellow looking or blurry. Tonight I want to get a lot done on the jetbikes. Hopefully I can get them and their riders near to done. Right now I'm sitting on

Seer on Bike
Guardian on Bike x 4
Dire Avengers x 15
and the Display Board..

So it's managable but it will still be a bunch to do. All of it is at least 50% done except the display board but for that I'm hoping to have one long stretch this weekend where I can complete knock that out.

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