Wednesday, August 28, 2013

To Trudge..

The Dire Avengers, the last set of mini's that need to be completed before Nova. I was hoping to get more done on them last night but I sat watching Face Off and didn't make it into the the painting chair until 10:30. So I only really got about an hour or so into them last night. I worked on mostly the bone color starting to blend them, right now just mids and dark. Tonight the other light string will be in so I'll install all the lights on the display board then finish up the moss. After that I'm going to go full bore on these guys, I was really hoping everything would be done by tonight but that is never going to happen.. so it will stretch out to tomorrow night as well. I've been meaning to mention it the pass week or so but kept forgetting. I've burned out my brush, I typically use Kolinsky sable brushes and they will last me from six months to a year typically as I take good care of them but I've pretty much killed one in two months. Pretty crazy to me, that's how much time I've been putting in at the table.

Today I'm going to work on getting copies of my list printed up and reading up on some of the rules that get muddy for me. That's the one bad thing about playing so long, sometimes my mind will stick on a certain rule from an edition past. I had a lot of plans to brush up on stuff but I'm so tired now I don't think I'll even care haha.. I love getting in a game here and there but now playing so many games in a row is going to hurt. Especially after going all out to get my army done. I have enjoyed it, nice to know my standard Dar army is 100% painted and mostly how I like it. I still have a bunch of Dar to paint and build but I think I'll be working on some Dusk Wolves and Blood Angels after this .. who knows.. at least something to break it up. I think painting and modeling have taken more of a focus for me then playing. I do like getting games in for sure but with two little kids playing is much more erratic. So I go into this Tourney with no goals other then to have a good time. I"m going with Sean and plan to meet up with some peeps from the blog o sphere.. that will be what I focus on. Having a good time hanging out ..

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