Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Look at those Ammo counters go!

So.. last night I worked on the serpent bits I needed to finish up after magnetizing them. I can't believe how long it took me to get this done, I was just talking about skipping certain things so I could actually get done. Well that went completely out the window last night. I did a ton of masking and then .. a ton of gems, lights and other shinny bits. I'm not exaggerating, I counted and it's like 75 bits of red and purple gems/lens looks. Argghhhh..  but I'll get more into that ..

 I started off with the weapon guards, I masked and sprayed the bone and then the blue fade. I think they came out looking really good. But that was a good bit of masking and coloring.. (when masking two sides of the same piece I recommend clear coating each side letting it dry and then masking the other side. This will stop the tape from pulling off the paint you just laid. It doesn't always happen but it can and that sucks!)
I also needed to whip up a ShurCat lower turret. Normally I run all ShurCann turrets but for the Fire Dragon WS I went with the cheaper option as I'm going to be moving up a lot and figured the 10pts would be better used to added HFs to one of the DA WS. Also added in the white line break ups.

I was also talking about how I skipped the War Walkers Scatter tips. And really I should have with the WS but I figured if I was doing the guards I should also hit the guns. I think it does look good and adds a lot but it took up more time .. I hate being in that frame of mind haha

I also wanted to do some on the turrets as well. The turrets are older and I can see stuff that needs touching up so I did some of that as well..  should be moving on but it's bugging me. I also want them all to match up so hit the fins, the rear section and the turret that was already equipped with Scatters that I didn't break apart to magnetize.

It ended up being a ton of work, I went way later into the night then I normally do. And as I was saying I painted a TON of gems. It was the gems on the turret, the guards, the guns and the fins. I also repainted the targeters on the turret and the guns themselves. As I was painting I started thinking, man I'm stupid haha..

75 gem/lens using how many colors..

For the Red Gems:
Meph Red
Scab Red
Blood Red
Sunburst Yellow
Black Ink
Purple Ink
Magenta Ink
Red Ink
Yellow Ink

For the Purple Gems:
Deep Violet
Lock Purple
Tent Pink
Purple Wash
Violet Madder
Black Ink
Purple Ink
Magenta Ink

That took me most of the time sitting at the table. It was way too much haha.. I normally have no issue in using so many colors but with so many gems it was crazy. And now I have 5 jetbikes, 15 DA and the Seer to complete with a bunch more gems. BOOO! I'm so tired of gems ..

Thankfully all these bits are almost done. I need to high light with black metallics add a few things here and there plus finish touching up. Then clear coat. I won't spend too much more time though, I need to move on to the next thing!

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