Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Scroll Sawing

I started working on the actual display board, I had a little time here and there over the weekend. Most of it was filled with work on the kids playground but I did squeeze some out for myself as well.

I started by tracing out the template to the fiberboard.

It's hard to see the lines but they are there.
Then it was time to break out the jig saw, I cut out all the basic shapes and save all the details for the Scroll Saw. The Jig saw works well but it's pretty rough.

Next was to move over to the Scroll Saw, the Scroll Saw is an awesome tool and you can make very tight curved cuts. It also makes a clean cut so less sanding is required.
Next I ran all the pieces across the belt sander to clean off any rough edges and smooth everything out. I got one a couple of years ago and the smaller versions really aren't too expensive.
But the belt sander can't get into the tight corners so I had to get the Dremel out and sand all the inside bits.
After everything was cut and sanded I primed it all to get ready for the next step.
The next step is to Spackle the entire surface of the pieces. It might seem an odd choice but I didn't want the wood to show through. To get it to look like Wraithbone I figured the Spackle would work well. I did have to fight the urge to smooth it thin, when drywalling or patching you want smooth thin layers. With this I felt more like I was making a PBnJ or Icing a cake. haha.. I had so many weird thoughts about this when I was working on it. Slapping globs of Spackle on the pieces and moving it around. Next will be to sand it all down and then it will be to Spackle the sides and then sand them.

I wanted it to have a very asymmetrical look, Wraithbone is a grown thing and even shaped nature isn't symmetrical. So I broke the main and sub decks into sections that I'll run the lights though. I hope I can get this all done, It's going to be a lot. I need to cut a few more pieces, I want to make the top deck removable. I have cardboard tubes I'll use as supports so I want to make locking pieces for the bottom of the deck so it won't move. The only thing I have to get a plan for is the vertical vane. I have a few ideas but again.. time....

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