Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Asurmen's finest..

Back to the normal sized guys today .. I pretty much just worked on more base colors getting the bones and some metallic on there. I still need to add the purples and gunmetal for the base coloring, once that's done I'll move onto blending and detailing. I'm telling you I really have a tough time keeping true on the course of painting squads haha.. I want them done but painting one color for an hour gets old real quick. I'm better at starting and finishing a mini then getting another. I may have to go back to that but painting them in a lot is more time efficient, though if I get tired of them they just don't get done at all .. It also may be that the basic troops are well ... basic and not a ton of extra cool stuff. I did try to pose the DA into different positions such as reloading a clip or holding the gun a little different. I need to have these dudes done though.

This year I sadly won't be able to make it to Games Day but hopefully I can make it to Nova for at least part of the event. I'm thinking about playing and would need to build up a display board. I have some ideas that I'd want to do but I'll probably wait till the dex comes out so I know what will be sitting on it. I was thinking of building an under structure and covering it with plaster to give it a flowing look. I haven't played with plaster in quite awhile but hopefully after a few tests it will come together haha

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