Friday, April 5, 2013

We walk different paths..

Got some more work done on the Ranger and Reaper. They are getting close to being done, just started on the detail work on them. The Ranger is farther along then the Reaper but both are moving along nicely. I really do like this mini, would have been cool if he would have had the non helmeted head with mask though (pic below). I'd like to see this head with hair pulled back instead of the scalp lock they always seem to have haha.

I need to get a few more details in there like the clip by the gun and the chest ribbon thing.
As for the Reaper he needs cleaning up and all the fine tuning. I'm going to clean up the helm and bone colors. I'll also mute the edge highlights a bit but he's coming along 8)

I didn't get much done yesterday mini-wise. I took off yesterday to take my Son to the Doctors for his Six Month so didn't get to post anything yesterday. Plus worked on getting some molding put up and hanging some pictures that were taken down when I was making the kitchen pass-thru. My wife is having a Pampered Chef party so need to get some stuff done. haha Went to Home Depot to get the rest of the molding I need so picked up some more lights for the spray booth. These should make it plenty bright enough now!

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