Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Your outlook is quite Dire..

Finally got to do some painting last night and I'm liking the new painting setup better then my old stand. So I grabbed the Dire Avenger I was working on and finished him up. I really would like to get both squads done but that will probably start to weight on me haha.. Looking at the pics you can't really see the yellow highlights on his eyes.. they are light but they are there. I'm pretty happy with the outcome, I did a good bit of fading on him even though I was trying to keep him quickly done. I think his base might have a bit too much grass on it so I'll probably knock some of it off the front edge, I don't want it looking too furry.

I ended up going with a grey tabbard or loin cloth or whatever it's suppose to be. I had a bit too much bone color in there and wanted to brake it up. I also want to keep the core of the colors in there, those colors being blue and purple for the Craftworld I wrote up. The next two nights are going to be busy so don't know if I'll get more time soon but hopefully I will get to sneak in some more time.

Group shot of the awaiting avengers

And their main homie which I was still trying to keep them close to just not to take so long to paint haha

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