Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The outlook is Dire

While waiting for the Ranger's BP to glue I started working on a Dire Avenger. I have 20+ DA's I need to get done but always seem to get sidetracked. Lately I've been all over place, with time being short and being so tired I've been scattered. haha.. I'm luuz'n ma mindz!

I want to get a quick blue blend down so I can knock these guys out. I don't want to put the time I put into Asurmen.
So far the blend is coming out pretty decent with only a few colors and it didn't take too long. I'd add some edge highlights and I think that would be pretty good for them. I only threw some sephia on the bone colors to break it up when I was looking at it. I'd be adding some other colors to the SurrCat to break up all the bone.


  1. Very nice! I was just considering painting up some eldar that I've had knocking around. Inspiring stuff - looking forward to seeing more!

  2. It's a nice change of pace from Marines for me. My Dar are usually very clean but I make my Marines grimy 8) Cool.. I look to see some Dar on your page 8)