Thursday, April 18, 2013

Raven mad!

Since my room is still in a state of complete disaster I've been trying to draw up something that I want to put on the side of the Stormraven. I have been wanting to get this thing done for a long time but I'm never really quite happy with where it is or where it's going. I don't know why it's getting me so annoyed but I want to get this thing done and on the completed shelf. I want it to have something to make it stand out. Especially now that GW went and gave it to Space Marines as well (lame in my opinion). I've been working on a Raven design that I think will look good on the side and then some wings for the wings. The design is eluding me though haha..  I've probably made up about 20 different images in Photoshop but I can't get behind them... grr..  taking a break and getting some food!

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