Monday, April 8, 2013

Tired Blend

This weekend was another hectic one, sadly I don't see them getting much better any time soon haha.. so I only got to paint some last night and I was beat. I started on the Ranger thinking I'd just knock him out but I was so tired I figured detail work would be a bad idea. I switched it up and just started to blend some greens on 2 DA TACs .. the blends are pretty rough so far. I didn't have the energy to clean them up really, so I called it up and went to bed.

I at least got a layer of blending in.. so that's cool.

I also did get some detail work done on the Ranger when I started out and had some mental clarity. Some minor stuff here and there, mainly the metallics plus get his pack on and done. He's looking pretty good, I really do like these models.

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