Monday, April 22, 2013

Doing some Maffs

This weekend I sadly didn't get any painting done as I was still working on my new painting room. My OCD makes me irritated if everything isn't in it's proper place. But I did get everything in it's place (sort of, I have to build the new shelves). I also sat down to design a new paint stand. I measured up the space I had available for the paint station along with two more shelves that I'll be building to hold the rest of my stuffs. Which is a lot of stuffs now that I have to squeeze it into a smaller room haha,.. why does nerdism  make a person collect so much stuff... and make it painfully hard to get rid of any of it. But anyway..

I'm making the paint station out of mainly 3/4" pine and 1/4" press board. It's actually a very cheap build using scraps from the spray station I made. Sadly the 2'x4' press board sheet was 1 1/2" short and I'll need to get another 8( .. blah. But it's not much just sucks I couldn't get it all constructed last night. Now I'll have to get the board cut it and then glue it plus cut all the holes hopefully tonight. And it will be a ton of holes .. a ton. Here's some of the maths..
I measured the two main paints I use.... Vallejo and GW. I need space for both and want to make sure I have enough room to hold everything I have plus more... Plan for the Future! 8) The Vallejo bottles will require a 1" hole and the GW paints a 1 3/8" hole. With three layers for each I should be able to hold a ton of paints. Going from those measurements and the space I had available I went with 1 1/2" deep levels for the GW paints and 1 1/4" for the Vallejo. Laid out below.
It's funny that there isn't a ton of materials used but damn it there a lot of cutting.

I ripped the press board into the sizes I needed and that was when I realized one 2'x4' sheet wasn't going to do it. I was short by 1 1/2" .. poop. Then I used my scroll and jig saws to cut out the step supports. Glued the sides to the bottom and measured the areas to notch. The tops of the lower level will also be the bottom (stop) for the next level. With the sides and middle notched I glued them all together using Gorilla Wood Glue. It will mostly be held together by the glue but I will be picking up some very small screws as well.

Some of the shelves required some clamp love.

So right now it's all glued together minus the missing level I need to cut once I pick up the press board today. Probably about 2 hours of work into it so far not counted the planning and measuring. I put the paints on it but they will sit in it once the holes are cut. I'm not 100% sure how I'm going to stagger them yet. but I should be getting plenty in there. Leaving the back open I'll also store paints and materials I don't use often. This way they are stored taking conserved space and not being forgotten as I'll be able to see them and remember .. "oh yeah there they are!" haha..

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