Monday, April 29, 2013

In case you didn't know, I'm kind of a big deal

So last week I noticed that today would make the 300th post I've done on here. That's a good bit of crap haha.. and for the big 300 I figured I'd post something big. Model wise at least. This weekend I broke out my Revenant. Homeboy have been sitting for a long time, last year I started working on his legs and got them well on their way but then as usual I got side tracked and he sat again. With the new Eldar codex on the horizon it's got me all fired up and in the Dar mood, I want to get stuff done I've been working on so I'll have time for all the new stuff. All the talk of the new big Wraith Construct made me want to work on this big boy. At the time he was the big boy on the block but now has been passed up by the Phantom. But he's still huge, as you can see with the Dire Avengers in the background.
I started priming the rest of his bits and noticed there were still some mold lines so I scraped them a bit more and then primed again. The bone color will go over the white but the blue needs to start off on black.
So I split up what needed what. Right now everything is primed and ready for color. I was going to start on some bone last night but my Badger Airbrush needs to be cleaned and I didn't have the time or energy. I had to get up to get my daughter and didn't fully clean it on last use. I used my Talon to prime the rest of the model and I hate that brush. I have never used a brush that clogs so much. I have to keep a Qtip by my side to keep the tip of the needle clean. Annoying and I wasn't going to spray the top coat on with that brush. So I just called it up for the night.

I'm pretty excited for the new Codex. I haven't fielded my Dar much lately as I'd have to pick up some models I don't really like. Namely War Walkers. I just hate the Chicken Leg look, back in the day I would have just converted them but with the second kid coming along money is tighter. So I've been waiting. I played that 1000 point game against a friend and I'll being playing in his Tourney thing with it. I really don't care how I do, I just want them to represent. I won the last game thanks to my Pathfinders doing what needed to be done, with the help of a Farseer's guiding hand. But in the game I really saw how over costed and behind they are, 1K is tough for them. He was fielding a ton of stuff and they were marines with 2 Thunderfires and a Flyer. It's all good though, will be a nice close out of the old Dex. It's lived long and strong, Funny how each Ed has changed it. Hopefully Wave Serpents get some kind of a boost, otherwise I'll have a ton of them sitting on my shelves haha..

I've also been seeing more and more Eldar info pop up and right now I'm getting a little worried. I'm a bit of an Eldar Elitist as in, I've played them now for over 20 years and very few people I knew did. They can be a hard army to play if you don't understand them and that scares people away. But if you can use them right they can (could, they are showing their age now but still have the potential to) make your enemy bleed. But now I see tons of people all over them, I can't wait for this or that unit and blah blah blah.. Ally this and Ally that. Personally I'm not a fan of the Ally system, it fits into the Min/Max system of cherry picking that people jump on to win. Like Necrons w/ GKs.. that is weak in my opinion. Now when I go somewhere and see the Dar running on a table I know the person likes them and want to field them. Sadly in the future if their Dex is good and the masses pick them up for the sole purpose of Allies it has the potential to diminish that for me. This is only my opinion and I know a lot of people love Allies, and they have their uses. But to me an army should be built with purpose and fluff in mind. That's why you should pick an army, because you like it. Not because it's the latest and greatest. But hopefully the Codex Flood will continue and those people will jump right onto the SM codex quickly .. haha

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