Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Throwback Tuesday.. Reaper Style

As I was moving stuff around I started to look at some of my old mini's and it's pretty cool to see the difference in my painting along with seeing techniques I still do. (the pictures even look old timey, took them with my phone on the way out of the house and they look aged haha) These guys were probably painted in 1990 or 1991 and back then I hardly had any paints. It cracks me up when I look at some of my old color combinations remembering I used what I had haha.. My big conversion at the time was to trim off the helm fins on one guy to make him look a bit different. Chopping metal was a pain and I can still remember sitting there sawing away at him with a little hand saw! The good old days haha.. When I look at these guys I still like them and then I think maybe I should update them a little but on the other hand I also think they should stay as is. So I can remember the old days when I hand 6 colors and 2 inks.
The Mini design is still pretty good, though I do prefer this mold the best.
I ordered 5 more off Ebay and I still need to finish this and his brother up. I've always been a fan of the Reapers, hopefully they will get their range finders back in the next Dex haha..


  1. Nice little trip down memory lane. I remember those models, and yours look a LOT better than mine from the same era. I definitely identify with the limited pallet. I think my first minis had 2 Citadel colors (Bleached Bone and a dark red) and 1-2 scavenged other crafts paint that really didn't work well. I think I also used those Testors brushes that come with the model car paint kits. Not pretty.

  2. A friend of mine was already into it and gave me some of his old paints so thankfully I had a few. I was using watercolor brushes since I had them though a little bigger then I'd like. Ouch .. I remember those Testor brushes haha.. I'm sure that was a battle!