Thursday, April 25, 2013

Get your gear on..

I only had a free hour or so last night so I worked on applying the beginnings of the bone colors to the Dire Avengers. Got about 10 boned up but that's about it. Typically I apply all my base colors and then start to go back for the detail work. I think I'll make one squad with two bone should pads and the other squad with one purple one bone just to make them separate themselves. Just what I'm thinking now, we'll see once I get some color on them. As I was going through them I noticed they have some mold lines on them 8( .. then I remembered that I build them all pretty quickly to get them on the table. And also remembered some are the old plastic/metal hybrids, you can really tell by the different shoulder pads and shorter barrels on their ShurCats. Oh and that the metal plumes actually have detail on the top! haah
Also flocked the Reaper. He's pretty much done just a few things I want to clean up.

Eldar rumors are coming in Fast and Furious now. Some I like and some I don't. They are saying Phil Kelly is writing it and I'm pretty happy with that, he seems to use a lot of Fluff in his Dexs and to me that's important. But that also leads me to hearing Guardians being cheaper and that is not the way I wanted them to go. To me they should be more expensive and have better stats. NO Eldar should be a meat shield. They are dying and the loss of one Eldar life is a major loss to the race itself. Also seeing the Autarchs are going to open up Aspect choices which I'm not really into as I don't like the idea of the Autarchs. To me they are not needed as a whole. I would rather they fix the old standby units and only add a few new things like Flyers maybe a few other vehicle options where they are weak. Make Exarchs tough again and bring the Warlock back as an IC with his own powers. I never use Locks now, but back in the day they were tough mofo's... but enough whining. Can't wait to see some new Jetbikes and more plastic mini's .. with metal gone I have to hope for all plastic now! 8)

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