Thursday, April 18, 2013

For the Birds..

So after drawing up numerous designs that all looked goofy to me I went online to look at some Raven images and came across a cartoony Raven. It looked pretty cool and then I figured it didn't have to be a head per say and maybe a silo side design would look cool. So I think I will be going with something like this, as it will be a stencil I'll spray it on then do some of the detail work with the brush. I made a mock up on the side of a Stormraven coming up with something like this..
I added a Blood Angel drop coming from the beak but I may remove that. My only negative thought is someone could confuse it with the Blood Ravens. I tried to draw it standing on the BA symbol but that was coming off looking cheesy haha.. The wings on the wings will probably look suitably ragid to match.