Thursday, April 18, 2013

For the Birds..

So after drawing up numerous designs that all looked goofy to me I went online to look at some Raven images and came across a cartoony Raven. It looked pretty cool and then I figured it didn't have to be a head per say and maybe a silo side design would look cool. So I think I will be going with something like this, as it will be a stencil I'll spray it on then do some of the detail work with the brush. I made a mock up on the side of a Stormraven coming up with something like this..
I added a Blood Angel drop coming from the beak but I may remove that. My only negative thought is someone could confuse it with the Blood Ravens. I tried to draw it standing on the BA symbol but that was coming off looking cheesy haha.. The wings on the wings will probably look suitably ragid to match.


  1. Maybe you could do a different coloured eye [yellow?] and have the Blood Angel drop leaking from the eye?

  2. That's a good idea.. yeah I'll have to think on that. The eye was going to be cut out so the color of the SR would be showing but adding another color might do the trick.