Friday, April 19, 2013

Eldar keeping it real

Baiel Kair Tain sat in the Dome of Seers resting against one of the numerous crystalline trees. He could not recall how long he had been in meditation but his muscles were stiff and sore from the lack of activity. He had been drawn from his revere by the runes that rose and fell from his hand. Runes are like cascading water flowing from a fountain, always in motion, the runes flow on the torrent of time and fate. Three runes stood out as they quivered and spun like they were caught in a eddy. Istu-karun the Scout spun opposite of Cosseainn the knight of mankind and always nigh to both was Haras, blood. Baiel held his right hand aloft and let the other runes fall onto the outstretched palm of his left. If the the other runes held no significance to the newly weaved thread they fell away and grew dormant. Baiel watched as the thread grew in strength and certainty, this would be unavoidable. The blood of man would be spilled, sadly the human Space Marines would not listen to reason and his only aim now was to limit the loss of Eldar lives. With a sweeping motion all of the runes spun into tight formation, one by one falling into the case attached to his belt. He slowly arose and as he did Menteal one of his assisting Warlocks appeared at his side. "Menteal, send word to Phidious, we will be needing his assistance. Tell him to summon his best."

My friend Sean from is running a 1K tourney at our local gaming store and he wanted to show some people what you could make for 1000 points. I spoke to him about going up there and we figured we'd get a game in. I threw together a quick Dar list using his limitations, Force Org sections limited to 0-2 instead of 0-3 except for troops. The board was also going to be 4x4 so a small table. Dar are a bit overcosted at the moment so throwing together something really potent isn't going to happen. But I wanted to get them on the table, always nice to run my Dar. So I came up with this

Farseer - Warlord w/ Runes of Warding, Guide (replaced with 1 from the Div Chart)
Farseer - w/ Guide (replaced with the Default from Div)

5x Pathfinders
10x Dire Avengers w/ Ex, 2xShurCat, Bladestorm
3x Jetbikes

2x Vypers w/ 2x ShurCan
1x Vyper w/ 2x ShurCan

5x Reapers
1x Wraithlord w/ BL, 2x Flamers

He ran a very strong list containing
2x Thunderfire Cannons
1 x Storm Talon
Aegis with Las
2 x 10 Marines w/ HB and Flamer
Dread  w/ 2x AC

I was a bit worried from the start as the Thunderfire cannons can shred the Dar and the flyer could also be an issue as I have nothing with Skyfire. I went first and on that first movement phase I really paid attention to where his TFC were, I took the side with higher terrain to cut down his lanes of fire which worked out very well, he only got one TFC shot off the whole game. Thankfully the Pathfinders came out to play and were the heros of the game. The Seer kept them "Guided" and they were throwing out tons of low AP shots, they took both the TFC's out and the Aegis LAS. The Reapers poured hate into the marines all game taking out a squad but he was making a lot of cover saves for them the bums .. haha The Vypers unleashed a lot of fire but didn't kill much. They did at least make his flyer Jink, saving some Dar Casualties at least. I should have just given both Seers the default Div power but figured what the hell.. Yesterday I got up at 5:40 and went for an hour road bike ride (I need to get back into shape!) but it was starting to wear on me last night haha.. I totally lost track of the rounds (thought I had one more round till 5) and it almost bit me in the end. I also forget about the big guns never tire, so I moved units into positions I didn't need to but oh well. The Eldar held strong and came away with a 7 to 3 Victory with me having 2 objectives to his 1 and me getting First Blood. It was a very good game and I was happy the Dar could still show they can kick some ass.
In this pic you can see the Jetbikes coming in congo line style to avoid the interceptor shot from the LAS haha..

The Dark Reapers I ordered off Ebay came in and wow do they look rough haha.. I'm guessing a younger kid painted them. I was hoping the paint/primer wouldn't be too thick and stripping wouldn't be needed. Sadly that is not the case.


  1. Congrats on the win. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks .. it was a good game. I'm hoping the Dar are getting their new Dex in June like the Rumors are saying. Give them a little more juice! 8)Thanks for reading

  3. The Dar continued their devastation of each of my armies. Lost again today. If he didn't take out both drakes in 5th turn, the drakes would have been the MVP two games in a row but Dar came back.

    Good game yesterday. 1000 points is really hard for current Dar dex.