Monday, April 15, 2013

Where's my furniture? Lady, where's my DOOR?

So this weekend I performed the Musical Room move in my house and this will be the new Puter/Painting room. The room is a bit smaller and I don't have the closet of storage or straight walls. The room was a breezeway that I just refinished (almost complete just have quarter round I need to put up) for a playroom. But the playroom has moved upstairs and now it will be my DOMAIN!!!. haha It has benefits and disadvantages that I'll have to work with. The room has a ton of windows which will be nice for painting during the day but I also have to be careful not to let too much sun beam in on my paints and painted mini's, I don't want them to get sun bleached. I also have to figure out how I'm going to store my tanks and larger mini's. Right now they are on two large Lack Shelves but the walls are filled with windows and then are angled. So I'm going to have to build another shelf to store them and some other stuffs. But it is closer to the garage which is nice when I need tools or larger sanding and it's closed off from the house so I can jam out without affecting anyone else!
The worst part is that my paint rack won't fit, there isn't enough room from my desk to the window. So it looks like I'll be making another one of those too.. argh. haha.. Oh well, I do enjoy building stuff but not when I have much other stuff to get done! I'll start thinking up some designs today I suppose. All the miniatures scattered about aren't even have of the mini's I have. They are still on shelves in the old room.

Overall it's a nice space, just have to figure out the best way to make it awesome haha

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