Friday, April 12, 2013

Moving again..

This Saturday I'll be moving my paint location again, this time it will be to a new room. Over the past few months my wife and I have had very little sleep due to our Son's crib being in the same room as us. We are basically losing it haha.. so now we are playing musical rooms to give him his own space and hopefully we'll be able to get a little more sleep. It's going to be a pain, it will be four rooms that will need to be moved around and some of the furniture will have to be taken apart and then built again. Yay! sad face.. but hopefully it will be a good thing for everyone and more sleep will be had!

Got a little more work done on the Dire Avenger and Dark Reaper.

I blended the blue some more and worked on color choices for him. I'm also trying to concentrate on being able to get them done quickly. So other quick tech choices are also coming into play. Right now I'm pretty happy with his colors except I'm iffy on his butt cloth. I'm thinking of making it purple so there isn't too much bone color on him. That will probably be the only thing I change though, the rest will be a quick clean up and I think that should do it.

The Reaper is almost done, just a little more cleanup on the face, gems and leg decoration and I think that he'll be all done up ah hoo hoo. 


  1. Great looking minis. Bummer about having to move, but it looks like you've got a nice set up. I'm still working on claiming somewhere in the house as a permanent paint station.

  2. Thanks 8) .. yeah I like the setup now but it will be the fourth move. Was upstairs then down, then on the other wall and now in the breezeway. Thankfully I just redid it so that will be nice at least. Hopefully you'll be able to claim your own spot, makes it nicer when you don't have to spend the time setting up then cleaning up when done!