Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Maximum effective range

Worked on a Ranger/Pathfinder last night, got his base colors on and started on a little blending here and there. I've been wanting to get this guy done for a bit, The direct order one being the only other Ranger Model out there other then the older ones. Ah the quality of the metal mini is nice, after messing with the "finecast" Banshee it really shows. I'm really hoping they finally make more aspects into plastic with the next Eldar release. Thankfully I have most of the Eldar Mini's I'd ever need (old school at least) so I have all the aspects in Metal. From some of the rumor's I've seen people are saying GW is getting back into bits. Which is good and bad, a lot of the online places have some decent deals. Though typically I seem to just buy the kits but it's a nice option. It would be nice if they'd make bits of other races weapons instead of most Space Marine. You can get some ShurCats and Pistols but it would be nice to have some long rifles and reaper launchers to name a few. But anyway.. got the painting room cleaned up a bit and got some done on this guy. I should have him knocked out pretty quickly.

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