Monday, April 1, 2013

Long Range BOOM

I hope everyone had a good Easter Weekend (if you celebrate Easter), nothing like celebrating Zombie Jebus rising from the grave. My Daughter ran around on a permanent sugar rush all day and then finally crashed out not long after getting home. It was packed this weekend so not much painting to speak of. Played some Magic, which I haven't in awhile but it was cool to just chill and play something that didn't require a lot of setup time.

I've been working on some Eldar as of late to break up the painting of a ton of DA. Plus with all the news of Eldar coming maybe sooner then originally rumored makes me want to finish up some stuff I have sitting around. I have one more Reaper that needs paint and 2 more Rangers. I'll knock those out pretty quickly and then need to work on the Dire Avengers but that will be another 20 + model painting project. I'm terrible about painting larger numbers in a row, I bore easily and then I want to paint something else. I'm trying to focus more but sadly I don't seem to be getting it done haha.. Oh well..  The pic isn't so hot, I didn't mess with the light box or even all the lights.

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