Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I'm gonna take this ity bitty world by storm..

I started to spray the bone on the Revenant's bits that will be um.. well, bone. I sprayed the beginnings of the fades on them but I probably won't go too far until I have him posed otherwise the shadows could be all wrong. So far it's just two shades of brown and then bone but they are off to a good start.

Sadly my ultrasonic cleaner broke and I had to scrub my brushes before and after use which is a pain. So I'll probably be looking for a new one sooner then later. The one I got was pretty cheap and lasted almost two years but still annoyed it broke. Thing's ain't made like they use to be haha..

Tonight if I get table time I'll probably start on the blues so I can work on getting him together and then it will be taping and painting. The hip section is already pinned and I probably won't glue that. It can be removed and I think that might be a good idea should I want to take him somewhere. I haven't played an Apoc game yet but I might need to get one together just to get the big guy on the table and kicking some butts.. 8)

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