Thursday, May 23, 2013

We're Dire Avengers. We're suppose to be surrounded.

They're finished! .. it's took awhile with the busy schedule but they are now all done up. I still see some things I'd like to touch up but they are for the table and I'm not that worried about it. I think they look pretty solid and it's nice to have them complete. I have another full squad waiting but I'm going to wait to see what my list will be looking like with the new Dex.

The Exarch .. Bladestorm GO!

And some shots of the squad members.

I'm glad I have two full squads already build and ready. It appears they are moving the box from 10 at $37 to 5 at $35.. what a bargain! If it wasn't GW it would truly amazing, doubling the price of them with no change other then the packaging. The fact that I have more Eldar then I could remotely even use is nice as I'll only be buying the few items. They can take their repacks and jam them up their ... well ... you know.

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