Thursday, May 2, 2013

With just a touch of my burning hand

Last night was pretty productive. I got the blue blended on the Revenant and glued the hips to the torso section. The blends are again going to be basic until I know what his final stance will be and then I can go back and do the rest of the final blending.
I know I keep saying it but damn is this guy big haha... I mean every time I add some other bit to it I notice it again. I'm looking forward to getting him done and think he'll at least look cool standing in the middle of mt Eldar model display. I don't see him hitting the field much but if he does he'll demand respect for sure. If the Eldar Rumors are true about the new Wraith construct I wonder how big it will be in comparison. Either way should look cool with all the big Eldar Walkers standing together.

The rest of the blends. This weekend I want to have all the bits together that can be. I'll be holding off on most of the bone bits until they are completely sprayed. I'll also be clearing it next, the last time I took off some of the mask it pulled some paint off which sucks. I'm also trying to decide if I like the darker blue with the bright contrast or more of the colored blend I did on his legs. I do like both and in the end I'll tie them all together.

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