Thursday, May 9, 2013


Last night I wanted to work on some bases and flocking. So I broke out my box o fake grass and foliage. I wanted to try a few different styles. First off I was sitting there with a brush, glue and tweezers; the door opens and my wife walks in. She tells me something and then starts to laugh, so hard that she walks back out of the room. After a few seconds she walks back in still smirking. "Thanks Babe" not looking at her, she said she was sorry but that was still through a big ol smile. Now I know I'm pretty damn cool and one of the pinnaclesof cool is placing fake greenery with tweezers but damn, don't have to laugh at a brother haha.. She said it reminded her of Dinner for Schmucks, it appears Steve Carell's movies are designed to make fun of me .. haha

But .. shaking off the laughter of my wife. I wanted to work on some of the Eldar fliers bases and I also have been meaning to finish the Ork bases. With the bases done they are 100% done. I wanted them to have a dead dry landscape. Starting with brown texture I used fine sand/gravel, brown grass and burnt static grass. I think it came out looking pretty good.

For the Eldar bases I want to stick with a lusher looking landscape. Years ago all I had was standard Train Garden grass and that's what I used. But to me Eldar should have a living base and something that shows that. So I'm sticking with greens, I'll also be adding some old ruin type pieces (so some but not all) like the tiles on the Dire Avenger bases.

For these I went with the brown texture and some brown wash. I then used some fine soil and fine grass as a base and went with 2 different static grasses. It was still looking plain so I added the green foliage to give it a little more something. It came out looking pretty cool.

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