Tuesday, October 8, 2013

You can be my wing man any day..

The second Crimson Hunter is complete. I finished all the details and did a little more weathering on the base. I'm happy to have both knocked out and done, sadly I doubt they will both see the board much. The cost of them makes it tough haha..  I will make a list that runs them both for fun, and I have a couple of cool ideas I want to try. I don't see it being very competitive but it will be cool looking.. unless I play Tau and I doubt the Hunters will even make it onto the table..

Added a little more weathering on the first CH base as well..

And them together.. sadly I don't have a light box big enough for both haha

They are really awesome looking models and I really like the way they came out. Now I'm going to go full steam on the Wraithknight to get him knocked out. After that I want to build and complete the new kit of Wraithguard I picked up. I'm not too sure about the list though, their points are so high the model count is very very low. You have a bad day rolling and you are done haha..

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