Monday, October 21, 2013

System Status: Optimal

This weekend I did all the finishing touches on the Wraithknight. The caps on the shoulder vents are added and painted. All the gems are finished up and I added in some metallic coloring to a few areas to break up the colors. Not too much, I didn't want it to go overboard but I wanted a little more flare. I've already been thinking about what to make for the next one haha.. it was a fun kit to build up. This guy has now been moved over into the display case which is cool. I'm glad to have him knocked out and looking cool.
The chest gem got some highlights and gold added around the rim.

You can also see some of the lite ghosting I did on the helm. I wanted it to look like there was something going on inside, like an eggshell and I think came out right. I went with a lot of subtle looks on this guy, with him being so large and stand out I didn't want him to look too .. well, like he had to much muchness.. 8)

Cleaned up the rear symbol and touched up some bone areas.

And that is pretty much it for him. He's complete, there are some things I could have done but I'm pretty happy with his outcome. When I had a test game last week I was pretty happy with his look on the board. Now I have to crank out the Wraithguard and I want to get the Rev finished up as well. He's been sitting for far too long.

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