Friday, October 4, 2013

A mixed bag..

Last night I only got a little painting in but did get some other stuff built. The Crimson Hunter's details are coming along and just need to finish up the gems with their highlights and finish out the cockpit.
I'm also building some terrain for our local gaming store, Last night I got two of the builds built.
So far they are only the base levels, I need to add on the details plus build another three buildings haha.. but they are at least on their way!
I also found all my old Dark Elves and it's a lot more then I thought it was. It's 12 Riders, 1 Cold One (don't think I have his legs though), 22 assorted guys and 4 chaos hounds. These are all the old old models, most dating back to the late 80's. I'll be putting up the rest of my DE up on eBay tonight and they will hopefully be off to a new home. 8)

Some of the details on the old guys are pretty cool, I never really looked too much at them as I never really started to work on them. They have been sitting in a bag in a box for over a decade haha.. Talking to some Fantasy guys it seems some people have interest in the old models. We'll see, ..

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