Friday, October 25, 2013

I twasn't lie'n

I did a little more on the Revenant last night and hey! Remembered to actually upload the images. Here's the head, I've probably sprayed it about five different ways trying to find the look I wanted. I'm happy with this look and will clean it up some so it will be ready to complete.
I don't know if I want it to be completely smooth or a little cloudy for weathering but either way it won't take too long to go either way.

On the body I really wanted to make the edges stand out. So I went back in and faded each chest section to make them separate (colorwise). I want the seams to have a glowing looking, so far I'm pretty happy with the look, not sure if I want to line the seams with white to really give the glow or just leave it as is. I'm really digging it..

I also worked on a Dusk Wolf as well, I really wanted to come up with a faster way to give them the mucked up look I wanted. So I sprayed them with the Airbrush, cleared them and then went in heavy with inks and washes. Then cleaned the extra away with a Qtip and some thinner. I think they he's on the right track now, once I add in some of the other colors and battle damage I'll have a better idea.

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