Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Whats old is new again..

The Dark Elves are now out .. and since I have no plans to play Fantasy I'm going to be posting up my Dark Elves up on eBay. I figured I'd post some of it up here in case anyone is interested. Most of it isn't painted, it's together and some is primed. I tried to play it a couple of times through out my gaming career but never had the time to really get into it. If I have free time I'd rather play 40K. So I kind of stuck to DE, I'd buy stuff here and there with the ideas of "I'll play some day..". Now it's taking up space and I figure I could always use the money.

I don't think he exists in the game anymore but he can be used as a Dread Lord on Dragon or something .. It's Rakarth the Beastlord..  He's painted and although the paint jobs are pretty old I think they are still pretty good. I even bent his leg up to be stepping on a rock. I did just update the rock as the old one was so so ... so he has gotten a little new love. haha Bob Ross would be happy.. he as a new happy little rock!

 The rest of the painted guys are two Lords, a Standard Barer, an old executioner. I also painted an assassin (average quality) and a chaos wizard that I used as a DE Caster. I have two old musicians (they aren't painted though) one is very old and the one only old haha

 32 Corsairs - I love the look of these guys and really went all out posing them in cool and different positions. I wanted them to be super cool. 30 are the new plastics and 2 are the old metal models.
 10 Witches, 7 Black Guard (2 being the old Executioners - 1 painted), 10 of the old plastic DE sword men, Bolt Thrower crew, 2 Musicans, Wizard (the guy with the heart stuck on the staff/spear)
 12 Spearmen, 16 Repeater Xbox, 2 leaders (painted), Standard Barer (painted), chaos wizard (painted), assassin (painted)
 10 Cold One Riders - 1 Dreadlord and 9 riders. They are mix of old metal and plastic. One is painted.
 Old school repeater bolt thrower.
 Special Edition 7th Rule Book

 And the old school first DE codex
I also have some old Riders and a few Harpies somewhere. I have to go looking for them haha..

I told Evan from FTGT that he has first dibs, and I'm going to mention the stuff to some of the guys at the local gaming store but after that I'll be posting them on eBay. Evan shoot me a message with anything you might be interested in 8)

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