Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wraithbone to the core..

I worked a bit more on the Wraithguard last night trying to figure out the complete color scheme I was going to go with. Right now there isn't really any blending on the other colors (Gun, loin cloth and bone sections). I just want to know where I'm heading, I really don't know about the gun.
I dont want it be just one color but I also don't think the brass is looking right. I'm going to try to darken the brass and see if that makes it all blend together a little better. The bone will get the standard treatment.

So getting closer to knowing how I want these guys to look. Once I'm set I'll go full bore on them to get done. One part I also added was a ghosted (har har) symbol to their head/helm. I wanted it to be very low key and blend in but I think I might have gone a little too far. It's a little too hard to see it at all now.

It's actually more visable in the pics, in person it difficult to see for sure. I like it in the pics and maybe I was just too tired last night haha. . I'll look again today and see if I'm happier with it now.

1.  To make the symbol I doubled up 3M painters tape. You can use one layer but it has a better chance to bleed more and doubling up the tape will make the template a little more rigid if you are making a very small template.
2. Next place the tape on the model
3. Hold it in front of a light so you can see the silo
4. Draw the outline of the shape you are going to apply it to (this will help with sizing and placement of the template)
5. Removed the same and place it on something smooth ( I use plastic card)
6. Draw your image
7. Use an Xacto and cut out your shape
8. Peel out the inner sections, be careful if they are small sections. Just pulling it off could tear the small joining sections.
9. Attach it back to the model, being careful to line it up
10. Spray and look good

I also applied a symbol to the Wraithknight's crotch guard. Again in person it's harder to see but in the picture it stands out more. I may actually bend this down a little more, I don't want the symbols to stand out. I want them to lightly be there.. not flashy .. I also started on the gems, mainly jsut figuring which ones will be done but also added some gold and black around the chest gem.

Oh yeah .. also added in the plugs for the top vents.

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