Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Promises.. Promises ..

Last night I worked about an hour on this guy. I didn't have a large chuck of time to paint so didn't want to get into the Revenant, figured I'd give a Dusk Wolf some love. And worked a little on the BPs for the BA as well but had it in my mind it was this guys day.. 8)
The Dusk Wolves are gritty and have seen it all so I want them to really look the part. They need to be dirty and look like they been in the middle of it for awhile. I haven't done any edge wear yet, that will most likely be the final bit.. well that and the gun still needs some attention. I'm going to paint in the Prometh Gauge and a little more clean up. haha.. and by clean up I mean making it more dirty and worn.
I will also be adding the shoulder detail which is what will be next before I put the final weathering on. And I'll be adding some snow to the base..

I promised I'd make a how I paint my Dusk Wolves so I wanted to get back into them some to remember how I actually did it haha..  So that should be coming along pretty shortly.. I really like painting these guys it just takes a bit longer to get them done and I'm usually all over the place with what I'm painting. Lately it's been Eldar time since they are my Favs and was getting ready for Nova but now as things are calming down (hobby wise) I want to spread it around some. Thought I have ordered another Wraithknight with some cool ideas haha 8) ..

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