Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Get stuck..

The Wraithguard are together and coming along. I meant to get some pictures of the green stuff of the shoulder pads. Like the Wraithknight the shoulder pads have seams right down the center of it. And that annoys me, so I LGS'd them so get rid of that seam and it looks much better!

I also worked on the bases some, I'm going with the same look as the display board. I used some Spackle and applied it with my finger haha.. it's pretty quick and easy. If you are going for a heavy terrain or snow drift this will be a quick and easy way to make bases.
I also got some new glue. I picked up some of the Bob Smith super glue extra thick. Gluing the arms of the Wraithguard was annoying me to no end. Trying to hold both arms and attach the gun is tough with the normal glue. Normally I would have used the GW Thick Plastic glue but as for the past year that glue has been complete crap I have been just using Superglue. The BSi glue worked great and I highly recommend it.
For the color of the Wraithguard, they will be the same scheme as the WK and I think all the Wraith units are going to have the purple fade I have been using. So far he's just sprayed.

They look very shinny, I cleared them with gloss for protection and will be going back in to bring the gloss down. Next I'll start on the other colors, but they are moving along.

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