Thursday, October 31, 2013

It's Spooky time..

Last night was pumpkin carving time! .. Sadly the kids were crazy tired so they didn't get to help much but my daughter will be painting our last pumpkin today! . For the big carved pumpkin I went with a demon..  wanted him to look mean and creepy..  my hands were actually pretty tired after messing with this guy.. its a big pumpkin and the walls were very thick haha..

I was going to carve the other pumpkin as well but I ended up just going with the airbrush. I thought it would look cool and like I said ,.. my hand was tired haha I'm getting old.
So sprayed up a Monkey Skull .. 8) wanted it to be a little silly so figured that would do it. Only took me about 10 mins compared to the 2 hours for the demon.. then I went to bed.. The new job schedule is taking it out of me. Of well..  tonight we'll be going out so my kiddies can get some goodies!

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