Wednesday, October 23, 2013

We use the Warp for good!

Made some progress last night on the Wraithguard, I pinned and mount them to their bases and got a little more color on them. Nothing ground breaking but just a touch here and there.

The bases came out looking pretty good and they are almost done as well, since I finished most of the airbrush shading I figured I'd just mount them up. I was thinking I was going to be playing tonight so was trying to have the ready for that, but it got moved to Friday night now 8)

Either way its progress and that's good haha.. With the spackled bases I'd recommend using pins in the feet, it will help the bound since the surface isn't exactly smooth.
I need to go back in and finish them out with the brush but right now they are looking decent as is. I also couldn't ghost the symbol on their heads, the 3M tape template I made I stuck to my table thinking I was going to be getting back to it quickly. Sadly I didn't and if left to air it can dry out some of the adhesive, which normal isn't even a problem but since the surface they are sticking to is all rounded edges and curves I need that extra sticky. Soooo.. now I'll have to make a new template. If you make a template out of 3M and want to save it for later stick it on something smooth or another piece of tape so the adhesive stays maximally tacky.. 8)

Game wise I'm going to test these guys again, I'm still not sold as they are expensive and they HAVE to get up there to be useful. That means a Wave Serpent, that also means more points that will be rushing forward and you'll have to save the Shield for all the incoming fire. No one is going to want this squad up in their business.

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