Thursday, October 3, 2013

I'm beginning to look like something ..

Last night I got a his legs mostly done, I will be making final blends later once I have him completely together and posed so I know where all the shadows will fall but I have his legs mounted to the base. I had to pin him on to make a solid contact but he's holding well.

The torso isn't glue in place yet, I still want to spray the majority of it before it's attached. Once most of the airbrushing is complete I'll be going back in for all the minor details like gems and metallic bits.
I left the back a little darker for now. Once he's all together I'll figure out if I want to brighten it up or leave it a bit darker. I'll also be adding in some weathering powder to the crash to make it look more busted up. I'm also still in debate on weather I want any OSI coming off the green. It can look cool but sometimes I think it just breaks up the color scheme. I'm probably going to clear him and then test a little on his foot, if I don't like it I'll remove it.
I also LGS'd the arms I think I'll be using and started to work on the Wraithcannons but realized there were still some mold lines. I didn't see them before they got primer but they stood out after I did so they will need another coat.

He's coming along, I think I'm going to try to knock out the other Crimson Hunter real quick though. I want that to be wrapped up and now it's just sitting there at 90% haha..

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