Monday, October 7, 2013

Some lite body work..

I started working on the Torso of the Wraithknight and got the basic coloring laid out.

I got the basic highlights put down and then started to mask him up for all the bone that needed to be sprayed. The next one I build will get the bone done before I glue them on, the masking takes a lot of time and is a bit tough on some of the areas. It's a lot of tight clearance.

But it still came out decent and I also started on some of the other colors that will be in there. The gems and back section (plus head parts) will get the blue treatment in keeping with the rest of the craftworld.
Also sprayed the Revenant's Pulsars since I had the extra color in the brush.

It's coming along and hoping to have him done but this weekend coming up. I have more to type but I'm short on time so I'll have to cut it off here .. but at least there are some pictures haha

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