Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Where you been Bro?

Over the weekend I had a little spare time during the day so sat down to paint. I didn't feel like maing the stuff I was already working on and feel bad I've neglected my Blood Angels lately so reached over to the shelf and pulled down a Vanguard Vet.
He was just based in red so I set to shading him and getting the other colors on. He's not done but getting pretty close for a short bit of painting on him. I wasn't really planning to but hopped over to the spray booth and did a quick blue fade on the blade. Only took about 10 mins so pretty happy with that. Normally I take both sides and go through a bunch of steps but this time I just slapped tape on sprayed and then repeated three more times haha.. I did clear in between though, don't want to pull off what you just did.

There is still some blending I need to do, he's a not as smooth as I'd like but that shouldn't take too much longer.
I'm also going to trim his back plate for magnets. I have three BPs that I'll paint up for him.
So far only sprayed the wings up, they came out pretty decent using angled spraying with brown > bone > white. I based the BPs with red so they are now ready to be blended as well. I'll finish him up and then go back to get some Dar down. The Wraithguard are close and I really want to knock out the Revenant. After that I think I'm going to try and finish up the Assault squad of BA I have had waiting for far too long. I usually reach over and grab the cool looking mini's haha.. leaving the standard troop for another day sadly ..

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