Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I tower from on high..

The Revenant is coming together, I didn't get anything done last night other then taking some pictures. I was pretty tired so didn't have much in me but I did get some done the day before so posting that up haha.. When I started getting him together I thought he was only going to be a little taller then a Wraithknight but with his rear fin he towers over him. The Rev is big, but the scarey part is he's spindly and I could see a bad day should he even tip over. I think I'm going to get a piece of steel or other heavy metal (devil fingers up) and glue it to the bottom of his base. Some added weight may help to keep him up .. Weeble mode..
I hadn't added his leg guards yet on this pic, he also has front and rear crotch guards which I still need to work on. I want to put a design on it or something. I'm always in debate on that.. it's like I want something there but also don't want to clutter the model all up.. I really think there needs to be a happy medium.
That rear spine is HUGE haha.. but it does look very cool. I need to blend the shoulder thrusters a bit more but that's one of the reasons I like to take pictures of a model. You can sit back and really examine it. And for me it's then that I see something blatant I missed.

I also started on the interior of the head chamber, it's still very rough with just the base colors laid in. Now that I have the colors in I'll start to work on the detail. I started to work on the cockpit while the rest of him had glue drying. Besides gluing him together in spots I also added more glue to the base and leg areas. He's pinned but still stays, he's big and resin haha.. not entirely looking forward to attaching the Pulsars.

So far I think he looks awesome.. I'm just really liking the look of him! It will be nice to have him representing .. even if he doesn't see much battle 8(

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