Monday, October 14, 2013

Never trade your Passion for Glory..

"All life must be ex-sponged from this rock, it is a sorrowful task. And that is why I am here." Clariayon -Tain-Ifieth Wriathknight

Friday night Sean and I met up at Dropzone games to throw down and test some units. I had never been to Dropzone and wanted to check it out. I can say the people there are pretty nice and the setup was very nice as well. They have painting stations setup and numerous tables. All we had to do was arrange some terrain and we were off and fighting.

Now that the Wraithknight is almost complete I wanted to test him out so I made up a list with him and some other stuff to try. I went with Wraithguard with D-Sy grouped up with a Spiritseer and Farseer on foot. I took a Nightspinner and a Crimson Hunter as well. I was hoping he was going to play his Tau haha.. maybe the Hunter would live.

He did play his Tau though, he was testing a Tau/SM list. It was pretty rough looking with 2x Riptides, 2x Skyrays, a bunch of Kroot and for the SMs it was a Thunderfire, Scouts and Tigs to Div up the Tau.

We rolled up Vanguard Cleanse and started to setup (which is pretty how it looking in the pic above). I won turn 1 with a 2 haha.. whoot I'll take it. (Nightfighting wasn't on)

Turn 1
I moved everything up and tried to cast Veil of Tears (was using the Iyanden rules btw and the Wraithknight was my Wraithlord who had rolled the Spiritmark ability ** sadly I forgot to use it the whole game haha ..on him and the Spiritseer.. never used it before so wasn't thinking about it) but rolled an 11. Blah... I was hoping to use that to move the WK up faster and fire but oh well. I put a few wounds on both the Riptides then moved over to the Nightspinner. This was the model of the game, I dropped a pie plate on top of his castled up guys hitting a squad of SM Scouts, Skyray, Thunderfire and Kroot. It killed 2 Scouts, 1w on the Cannon, killed 2 Kroot then Pen'd and exploded the Skyray which blew up in 6" killing another scout and about 6 more Kroot. BOOM! I'd have to say I was pretty happy with it! Not to mention some were now webbed up and would have a chance to do more. I killed some more with a Wave Serpent (only 2 in this list) then turned it over to him.
His didn't do as well, He killed 2 Rangers with his Skyray and 1 War Walker with his firewarriors. He would have had another Walker down but I made both of the 5++ saves.. Whoot, that never happens for me so was pretty happy.

Turn 2
I moved up again and cast Protect on the Serpent the WG were in and also cast Fortune on it (those guard were getting to their location! haha) the Wraithknight jumped up as did most other things. The Crimson Hunter and Bikes came in, he had one Riptide ready to fire. He fired three shots at the CH, all three hit but thankfully only 1 Pen'd it. I had flown it behind a ruin to get the cover save not wanting to waste a turn of shooting with jink and made it. The Crimson Hunter LIVED! Sadly he didn't get to shoot anything because I killed the Riptide in range before he could shoot at it. (not that sad though haha) The WK fired at his Riptide and got one Distort Wound.. which I was pretty stoked about. I figured he'd make the 5++ save but sadly for him he did not and it was ripped apart by the energies of the Warp. I then took his Kroot Squads down a bit as well as some other troops. And I took out his Leader with the War Walkers.

His turn two saw none of his Reserves (a Talon and a Squad of Tacs). He put the hurt on some Warp Spiders but they saved the missle shots, he killed a bike and I think that was about it. His Thunderfire Cannon was scattering so no real killing going on with that.

Turn 3
In the Pic Above Sean is giving either me or the Crimson Hunter the stinkeye. haha He was about to call it but I asked him to hold off I wanted to see how the Wraithguard did. The CH and WW's took out the last Riptide and the WK moved up to stomp some dudes but I also deployed the WG and Seers to bring paint to his Cannon.
They pretty took out the Cannon, Tech and a few other dudes nearby. It was pretty strong but also very expensive. I might try them again but I probably wouldn't put the Farseer with them again. I only did it this time to mix it up.

It was a fun game, took longer as we were BS'n as we went and had a good bit of people stop over to talk. We talking mostly about painting and airbrushes haha. I got a lot of props on the WK and CH. I'm really happy the way they both came out so was cool to get some thumbs up on them. My friend Scott stopped by and then we went to get some food at Glory Days. Was a pretty good night, got to hang out, get in a game and get some good Ribs.. Yummo!

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